Mount Vesuvius is an attractive explosive volcano situated in Campania in the territory of the homonymous national park , established in 1996. It is a volcano particularly interesting for its history and the frequency of its eruptions, the most famous was in 79 and saw the complete destruction of Pompeii, Stabia and Herculaneum, as Pliny tells us in his letter. Over the centurieshave followed other eruptions , the last of which is dated in 1944.

Vesuvius is a glance of unusual beauty in the panorama of the gulf , and every year more than 10,000 people tracing the history of Vesuvius , its paths the different types of eruption , with the experience of volcanological observatory , founded in 1841.Currently , the historic headquarters of the observatory is a museum of volcanology , where there are scientific instruments of great artistic value , used by scientists and researchers over the centuries.

There are also preserved valuable collections of minerals and rocks. From april 2000 , the museum hosts the exhibition " Vesuvius 2000 years of observations" , using panels, videos and illustrations as more information .
Visits are always accompanied by specialized staff .

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